Artillerist Joseph Lack

An expert in the use of all firearms, Joseph Lack is responsible for the maintenance, training, and drill of all firearms in the Hall.


Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 20

Str 14
Dex 27
Con 16
Int 18
Wis 18
Cha 20

AC 24
T 20
Ff 14

F +17
R +20
W +10

Improved Uncanny Dodge
Uncanny Dodge

+31 Acrobatics
+27 Perception
+25 Climb
+27 Knowledge (Engineering)
+28 Intimidate
+28 Bluff
+31 Sleight of Hand
+27 Knowledge (Local)
+27 Heal

b Gunsmith
1 Point Blank Shot
h Precise Shot
3 Dodge
b Signature Deed (Focused Aim)
5 Opening Volley
7 Crossbow Mastery
b Improved Precise Shot
9 Mobility
11 Shot On The Run
b Combat Expertise
13 Rapid Reload (Rifle)
15 Vital Strike
b Improved Vital Strike
17 Greater Vital Strike
19 Clustered Shots
b Deft Shootist


35/30/25/20 1 Greater Reliable Rifle 4d1024 80 ft range x4 crit

35 touch 2 +1 Greater Reliable Revolvers 4d824 20 ft range x4 crit


Joseph Lack was found close to death on the moors north of the hall. He was nearly naked, surrounded by the corpses of nearly 50 ghouls, and close to death. He was taken in by the Order of Bombardiers and given a home. Now, he is responsible for the maintenance of the siege firearms and all gunslingers in the hall.

Artillerist Joseph Lack

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